Hello All!

It's been a great start here and I am getting settled in to the parsonage. Thanks to all who have helped me with the transition and details. It will take some time to really get into a rhythm but we have a good start and momentum is building.

It does feel a bit strange spending part of the week here and part of it in Denver. The commute hasn't been that bad, unless one leaves or enters the metro when traffic is heavy.

I'm starting to sleep through the train whistle at night and found out how to get to Safeway without going all the way back to South Street and around. The sprinkler system is no longer watering my car and soon the A/C will be quiet as a mouse. I had my first near miss with a deer on the way back from Ken and Patti's ranch. What beautiful country!

I have been calling lots of folks who are on our rolls but may not have been to church in awhile. I want to reach out and make sure that they know that we appreciate and care about them. I left a lot of voicemails, but did have a chance to talk with quite a few people who were happy to hear from us.

In keeping with my sermon series on safety and belonging, I have enjoyed exploring ideas and scripture that help us bring to the surface areas where we can grow in becoming a safe place where people feel deep belonging. In a world where tensions are high and divisions seem insurmountable, we really need a place where it is completely safe to let down and be ourselves; a place where we feel belonging. Ideally, our church is this place. So we consider ways that we can be more in tune with and guided by the creator because doing so strengthens our community when we are together. Your presence and your spirit contribute to the symphony of spiritual fellowship of togetherness.

So let's continue to consider ways that we can make the santuary a place where safety and belonging are felt, expecially for those who may not have it. We want to look inside ourselves to see where God is showing us what needs to be surrendered.

Being close to God doesn't come naturally, otherwise everyone whould have it and we would not need faith or even church. It is your attraction to God that separates us from the world in leads us into the spriitual life. It's your belonging in God that gives real meaning and purpose to life. May you be reminded of this as you begin and end each day. How great it is to have a hope that we have!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Robin

Diane S; Bronwym B; Keith & Debbie B; Maxine S; Rowann S; Jim W;
Leslie D; Irene J; Diane N; Marian A (Kathy L.'s aunt), Jerry O;
Bob B, and Craig and Karen D., Red Bird Mission.

Crystal A; Bill S; Tom K; Kim McB; Lanetta C; Jodale R; Will C; Deb H;
Deb H's Mom and Dad; Barb F's Mom and Dad; Dennis B; Diane N; Irene J;
Bob B; Wayne W; Jim ?c; Mike Heathrly; Jerry O; the Kevin E. family;
sympathy to the family and friend of Mac MacKenzie; Military personnel
serving our country; our veterans; the Chugwater community and school.

Just the words "thank you" could never acknowledge the blessings my
church family extended to me these past months I was in Cody.
Prayers, calls, cards, emails, letters-----over and over --each full
of love and support.
Home visits, with offers of help, made many a day brighter. It's great
to be home, believe me.
God bless each and every one of you. With his constant help each day
is a step forward.

Irene Jobe

We are always in need of persons to supply snacks and cookies and
volunteers to serve as monthly liturgist, ushers, felloswhip
coordinators and communion stewards. If you can please put your name
on the sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall.

**Please remember to write down any meetings, gatherings, etc. on the
calendar in the Fellowship Hall so nothing is forgotten.


August 19 - 8:00 a.m. Breakfasts

  • Men - Tasty Treats
  • Women - Western Sky's

    August 20 - Solar Eclipse Sunday
    August 21 - Solar Eclipse
    August 25 - 7:00 p.m. Brent Vernon Concert at the church
    August 27 - 11:00 a.m. Roundup Sunday

  • Come for the sing-fest of favorite hymns, bible trivia, carry-in and rock
  • painting.

    The United Methodist Women are now selling Equal Exchange, Fairly Traded
    Coffee. This is the same coffee as they are providing during our fellowship
    time. It is $9.00 for a full, one pound bag of ground, caffeinated,
    Fellowship Blend coffee. It wiII be for sale after church in the Fellowship
    Hall. Thanks for your support!


    August 13th – 19th
    October 2nd – 8th
    November 20th – 26th

    Pastor Robin would love to talk with you. If you would like to get together, just let
    him know.


    We are always in need of persons to supply snacks and cookies, and volunteers to
    serve as monthly liturgist, ushers, fellowship coordinators and communion stewards.
    If you can do this, please put your name on the sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall.

    Sign up Roster for August


    • Liturgist: Jenny H.
    • Ushers: Julie M. & Janet A.
    • Fellowship: Cookie Monster
    • Communion: Karyl W.

    AUGUST 13th

    • Liturgist – Jim M.
    • Ushers – Julie M & Janet A
    • Fellowship – Cookie Monster

    August 20th

    • Liturgist – Karen Thayer
    • Ushers – Julie M & Janet A
    • Fellowship – Cookie Monster

    August 27th

    • Liturgist – ( needs filled )
    • Ushers – Julie M & Janet A
    • Fellowship – Carry-in

    The UMW ladies met for a bring-your-own picnic at noon on July 13th, at Lewis
    Park. Thankfully, the weather was warm, but the breeze helped keep us comfortable.
    Nine ladies attended the picnic. Afterwards, we discussed visitors bags, cookie-
    monster supplies, and the volunteer lists that need to be filled. We do not plan
    to meet again until the Fall. Our next meeting will be a carry-in lunch at noon
    on September 14th, 2017.

    All ladies of the church are invited to attend any of these events. We need all the
    help we can get to carry out the activities UMW does at WUMC and in our community.
    If you need a ride to any of these events, please call Kathy Wilson at 322-1623.

    2017 Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Report
    Denver CO, June 15 through June 18

    We headed out early Thursday morning, knowing we would have to navigate rush
    hour traffic (which by the way is more like rush daytime traffic), as the
    orientation started at 10 am. After 4 hours on the road, we arrived before
    it started. I felt the orientation was very beneficial since we had never
    been to the conference before.

    After orientation was done, we walked down the street to have lunch. While we
    were sitting there eating our food, I recognized a very familiar face standing
    in line to place his order. After he received his food he spotted us and we
    greeted each other with hugs and invited Mr. Keith Hudiburgh to join us for lunch.
    Joyce was travelling with her sister and was not able to attend.

    After lunch, we headed back to the conference with Keith and when we went to sit
    down, I spotted another familiar face talking to a person in the row behind us.
    So, we greeted Betty Ludlum and then later talked to Les. Keith sat with us
    for most of the conference as we found some seats that had extra leg room.
    We also crossed paths with Pastor Robin several times during the conference.

    The theme of the conference was “Living into Beloved Community” based on Matthew
    25 where Jesus says in verse 35 “for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was
    thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me,
    36 I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was
    in prison and you visited me.

    With the missional focus on food and water, we were asked throughout the conference
    a thematic question. “Who is hungry or thirsty among us – physically and spiritually?
    What does it mean to extend God’s love?”

    We also took part in ministry immersion on Friday afternoon consisting of either service
    or advocacy.
    • Some were taken to Urban Farms or Food Banks in the Denver area, where 615 hours of l
    abor was provided with a value over $15,000. The people at the food banks processed 7000
    pounds of food and packaged nearly 5000 meals.
    • Some attended sessions on how individuals and churches can get involved with food and
    water security issues.
    • One group made up 175 sack lunches to serve those in need in downtown Denver.
    • A team cut up blue jeans and made them into food bags for elementary school students
    in Denver. They completed 16 bags and cut out another 50 that are ready to be sewn.

    We also learned about the astronomical food waste we have. In the USA, it is estimated
    that at a minimum, at least 40% (probably closer to 50%) of our product is wasted or
    thrown away, largely because it doesn’t look perfect to sell.

    They talked about the work of the Mountain Sky Area Mission Shaped Future teams, since
    it includes both the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone conferences to become the Mountain
    Sky Conference.

    The keynote speaker was Alexia Salvatierra, she talked about being a Sanctuary Church.
    She stated that we are called to protect and defend the vulnerable in the name of Jesus.

    There were more than 50 youth and young adults present to serve as voting lay equalization
    members. They led in worship with song, dance and reading of scripture.

    Wheatland UMC presented $100 to the Bridge of Love for World Hunger and Poverty Advance
    offering. The total collected for the Bridge of Love was $6762.35. Other offerings
    collected include:
    • Hunger Free Colorado: $2,462.49
    • Clergy Covenant Fund: $3,784.85
    • Crossroads Urban Center: $3,629.01
    • Rod Anderson Lay Scholarship Fund: $1,044.99
    Total amount given at Annual Conference is $17,683.69.

    I found Bishop Karen Oliveto to be engaging, energetic, open, and a vibrant speaker.
    Bishop Karen laughed, cried and even danced. Not to take away from Bishop Elaine, but I
    cannot image prior conferences having invoked as much enthusiasm and dancing in the aisles.

    Overall the conference was enlightening, thought provoking, and well organized. Next year
    the conference will be June 7th through 10th, in Ogden Utah. This will be the 50th Rocky
    Mountain Annual Conference session and a Joint Annual Conference with the Yellowstone

    To paraphrase Craig Paschal, one of the presenters:
    “What if Jesus meant what he said?
    What if he truly meant to love thy neighbors?
    And what does it mean, to truly love, our neighbors?”
    If you have any questions please contact me.
    Kelvin Lower