JULY 2019
Open hears. Open minds. Open doors.
The people of The United Methodist Church
A Fond Farewell
Pastor Robin

There is no better source for inspiration and guidance in the church than this section from Ephesians, which we have focused on over the past two months. I leave it with you to ponder and consider as you move forward. Powerful words help us look at ourselves and one another through the spirit. In times of difficulty, one must always search for, discover anew and cling to the common connection we have in faith. And always remember we are not here for ourselves, but to serve His purpose in our lives and this community.

Ephesians 4:1-8 Common English Bible (CEB)
Unity in the body of Christ

4 Therefore, as a prisoner for the Lord, I encourage you to live as people worthy of the call you received from God. 2 Conduct yourselves with all humility, gentleness, and patience. Accept each other with love, 3 and make an effort to preserve the unity of the Spirit with the peace that ties you together. 4 You are one body and one spirit, just as God also called you in one hope. 5 There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, 6 and one God and Father of all, who is over all, through all, and in all.

Quentin M.; Robin & Claire R.; Kelvin & Kathy L.; Dave & Vicki B.; as
they transition to new stages in their lives; Bob R. (heart surgery);
Rose A. (recovering from surgery); the family of Dee Garcia;
the families of Michael D. & Jon V.W.; Rowann & Gene S.; Marc B.;
Don Y.; Johnny's cousin's son Eric; the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky.

Please let us know if you would like a name added to, or removed from,
our prayer list.

Deb H. family; Steve S.; Family of Leonard C.; Harold D.; Tim D. family;
Carol N.; Tom K.; the Larry & Barb F. family; Josh F.; Kim McB.; Lanetta
Chapman; Bill & Grace S.; our veterans; refugee families at the border,
and the Chugwater community and school.

2019 United Methodist Annual Conference ~ Billings, MT (June 13th to 16th)
By Kelvin L.

This year at the Annual Conference they had some pre-conference workshops before
the orientation session. I attended one about having safety teams in the church.
Safety teams are trained and equipped to handle: Active violence, Medical
emergencies, Fire emergencies, and directing Emergency Responders. Churches that
have Safety Teams also have evacuation plans and must have a written Standard of
Procedures. There are many resources available to help get it set up.

Thursday afternoon at the opening ceremonies Junius Dotson, from Discipleship
Ministries, gave a presentation on “Culture Reset.” He talked about how we reset
our church to respond to new generations. We need to have an unyielding focus on
disciples making disciples. We need to be centered on discipleship not activities.
We need to engage with people outside the church. Discipleship begins with
relationship, not to be confused with outreach. Relationships have to be authentic and
genuine. They have to be organic (you can’t force them), and they have to be consistent
(which takes time).

Friday, Bishop Gregory Palmer, from Ohio, talked about how we are the apostles of this age.
The following are some excerpts he made:
• Although we like certainty and stability, if you follow Jesus like the Apostles,
you will not have certainty or stability.
• If you are really engaged in ministry it will always feel disruptive.
• If you get what you want tomorrow, it will change next week or next month.
• You may think we are arguing, but maybe we are just starting to communicate.
• Are we holding on so tight that we are stopping circulation?
• The Holy Spirit is inconvenient. It will lead us where we may not want to go.

For the immersion project on Friday, I went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.
There they repurpose items that people bring in. If needed, they clean the items up,
and then sell them at a greatly reduced price. I was surprised at how many items
looked new and would fit into a modern décor. The proceeds from the store finance the
Habitat for Humanity program of building homes for people in need.

Saturday morning we started out with another presentation by Junius Dotson. This time
he talked about a “Soul Reset.” Here are some of the statements he made:
• As we pass through the valley, that is when we are closest to God.
• (While talking about his son’s love of baseball and of no interest to him)
Nothing counts unless you touch first base, which is – staying close to Jesus.
• While you are fighting for your life, God is there fighting with you.
• When I see red flags; that is when I need to spend time with God for a reset.
• Find a place to ask yourself; “How is it with your soul.”

Next we went into session to vote on petitions that were presented. We had eight
Mountain Sky petitions. All 8 passed by at least 90%. There was one petition that
was to go to the General Conference 2020 (GC 2020) from Mountain Sky. It had to
have a vote of 80% or higher to move forward. Since it received a vote of 71% it
will not go to next year’s General Conference. The submitter of this petition can
submit it to General Conference, but it will not have the Mountain Sky name on it.

We had to vote on delegates to go to GC 2020, which took several attempts because
they had to have a minimum number of votes. It was not based on percentages, and
we had to fill a specific number of openings. This was finally completed late Saturday
night, after midnight.

Sunday morning, Bishop Karen Oliveto gave a sermon on “There is a little Moses in
each of us.” Here are some of her points:
• Just like Moses we say; I can’t, Nope, or No Way. So what is your excuse?
• God is persistent and pops in at the most inopportune time.
• We are looking to dissolve because of isolating a group of people.
• We need to enlarge the circle, not narrow it. “Draw the circle wide.”
• Agape love is uncomfortable.
Our task is to make sure there is room for everyone! Yes, there will be
complaining. We need to break physical and mental bondages and take the step,
God is leading.

It has been an honor and privilege to have served you and the Wheatland church.

God Bless, Kelvin L.

Custodian Change
We have a new custodian, Barb Fletcher, who is enjoying her new job. If you
notice something she has missed as she gets oriented, please let her know.
Contact Holly J. or reach Barb directly at 331-1863. She shared, “I am
thankful that you are entrusting me with this job.”

United Methodist Women Article for July 2019 Newsletter
The UMW ladies provided vanilla ice cream, a wide choice of toppings, and root beer for the annual Father’s Day
Ice Cream Social on June 16, 2019. We served 26 cups to those who attended the event. It was good to see the
Begins plus their daughter from Montana, and some of our folks who have been traveling but returned for this occasion.

We were reminded that the 2-day Mission u event will be held in Parker, Colorado, July 12 and 13 at a cost of $100.
If you can’t make that event, the nearest 1-day Mission u events are July 24 at Longmont UMC in Longmont,
Colorado, or August 17 at First UMC, Gillette, Wyoming, at a cost of $55. Scholarships are available, if you wish to
attend. Contact Janet Wolfer, Mission u Dean, for more information on Rocky Mountain Legacy Conference Mission u.
Her e-mail address is jkwolfer@gmail.com.

The latest publication of the “Go and Tell” from the Mountain Sky Wyoming District Plus One was sent out to all
UMW members. If you don’t have a computer, there is a copy posted on the UMW bulletin board in the Fellowship
Hall. Please note that the Mountain Sky Conference UMW will hold their annual meeting in Salt Lake City October
25-26, 2019,at Christ United Methodist Church. This issue has information on the Mission u events, as well as
on-going collectionfor the legacy fund and articles from the National UMW organization on ways to get involved
with social justiceinitiatives they support. The District is getting reorganized into the Mountain Sky District
and is looking for peoplewilling to serve as officers. If you would be interested, please let Kathy Wilson know.

Myrna K. and Kathy W. attended the Wyoming District Plus One annual meeting at First United Methodist Church in
Casper on June 7. It was so nice to see people we’ve known for a long time and make new friends, as well. The UMW
served us a lovely taco bar dinner. We heard from some of the agencies in Casper who provide services for those in
need—Iris House Clubhouse (for adults living with significant mental illness) and Interfaith of Natrona County
(who provide emergency services to qualifying households living at or below poverty level). Myrna attended the
training for Treasurers and Kathy went to the session for Presidents/Vice Presidents. We each learned some new
things about our UMW jobs. The evening concluded with a communion service after the business meeting. Myrna
returned for the Day Apart on June 8. She told me that it was excellent.

The only UMW event scheduled for July is the summer luncheon slated for noon on July 11. We’ll send you notice of
whether we’ll meet at Lewis Park for a bring-yourown picnic, or simply enjoy lunch at one of Wheatland’s
restaurants. Watch for the email or a note on the UMW bulletin board.

The next UMW lunch and business meeting will be held on September 12, 2019, at noon—a carry-in lunch.

All ladies of the church are invited to attend any of these events. We need all the help we can get to carry out
the activities UMW does at WUMC and in our community. If you need a ride to any of these activities, please
call Kathy Wilson at 322-1623.

Wyoming District Announcement
Our new Congregational and Community Vitality Superintendent Michael Smith is coming to Wyoming, July 5 to 7,
2019. As he gets to know our part of the Mountain Sky Conference, come and join us for a friendly conversation
about Wyoming, your community and church and how the conference can help your church live into the fulness of
its mission and ministry. Schedule and locations of stops listed below.

Friday, July 5, 2019
9 am to 10:30 am Meeting with Clergy & Laity of Southwest Circuit
First UMC-Laramie, 1215 E. Gibbon St., Laramie, WY 82009

12 noon to 2 pm Lunch with Clergy & Laity of Southeast Circuit
Wyoming Rib & Chop, 400 W Lincoln Way, Cheyenne, WY
RSVPs needed by Wednesday, July 3rd

2 pm Travel to Casper – drive by a few churches on the way

7 pm Dinner with Clergy & Laity of Central (east) Circuit
Firerock Steakhouse, Wine Room, 6100 E 2nd St., Casper, WY
RSVPs needed by Wednesday, July 3rd

Saturday, July 6, 2019
11 am to 1 pm Lunch with Clergy & Laity of Central (west) Circuit
Gannett Grill, 126 Main St., Lander, WY
RSVPs needed by Wednesday, July 3rd

4 pm to 5:30 pm Meeting with Clergy & Laity of Bighorn Circuit
Worland UMC, 1301 Big Horn Ave, Worland, WY

Sunday, July 7, 2019
9:30 to 10:30 Worship with Sheridan FUMC (DS Jeff preaching)
215 W Works St, Sheridan, WY

12 pm to 1:30 pm Lunch with Clergy & Laity of Northeast Circuit
Wyoming Rib & Chop, 847 N Main St, Sheridan, WY
RSVPs needed by Wednesday, July 3rd

We need RSVPs which can go to Joy Clark, District Administrator (307-3334557 or wyoming@mtnskyumc.org)
or DS Jeff Rainwater (jrainwater@mtnskyumc.org). Please include location where you plan to attend.
Reservations for meal stops must be made by Wednesday, July 3rd.

For the Garden of Your Daily Living

  • Plant three rows of peas
    o Peace of mind
    o Peace of heart
    o Peace of soul

  • Plant four rows of squash
    o Squash gossip
    o Squash indifference
    o Squash grumbling
    o Squash selfishness

  • Plant four rows of lettuce
    o Lettuce be faithful
    o Lettuce be kind
    o Lettuce be patient
    o Lettuce really love one another

  • No garden is complete without turnips
    o Turnip for meetings
    o Turnip for service
    o Turnip to help one another

  • To conclude our garden, we must have thyme
    o Thyme for each other
    o Thyme for family
    o Thyme for friends

    Water freely with patience and cultivate with love –There will be much produce in your garden! Happy sowing and reaping!

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