The Joyful Noise
Chugwater United Methodist Church
JUNE 2016
We are so fortunate to have many silent disciples among us....all year long. Thanks to the many for all the volunteer hours you give to our little church family. I'm sure I've missed someone, so will apologize up front. Let us know who you are and what you've done so we can properly thank you next month.....

*Thanks to Larry F. who has been keeping the vacant church lot mowed.

*Thanks to Justin G. for hauling road a mill to our back drive and spreading it, eliminating the deep wash.

*Thanks to Irma B. for furnishing the material, and Andrea W., for completing the altar cloth.

*Thanks to Larry W. for fixing stuff at the church.

*Thanks to those who clean the church month to month and to those who did the deep cleaning of the church a few weeks ago.

*Thanks to all the musicians who give of their time and their talents each Sunday and the screen manager as well.

*Thanks to those who ran the craft/game booth at the Chugwater Chili cook-off -- Jeri and Brian C., Cindy S., Allison R. & Terry B.

*Thanks to all those from our church helping with the cook-off in other departments other than church-related. It takes LOTS of volunteers to run the cook-off.

*Thanks to those who always remember to put the coffee on for us each Sunday so we can enjoy fellowship time following church.

*Thanks to those who count the offerings, teach class, etc.

Terry B., Chair, Ad Council

Remember to bring one non-perishable food item the first Sunday of every month for our food pantry. Thanks!

The Horse relay race was a HUGE hit at the Chugwater Chili Cook-off, as was the Gunny Sack Races and Bracelet making.

Our Father's Day celebration following church June 19, 2016, -consisted of freshbaked peanut butter and snicker doodle cookies and milk arranged by KIDS Walk.

By Terry B.
The next administrative council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6th, at 4 p.m. at the fellowship hall. Please get your agenda items to Terry ahead of that time. All are welcome to attend the meetings

Three of Kevin and Tiffaniís children were baptized on June 5, 2016, by Rev. Jim. Stellan, Yulaina, and Damon, were baptized. Their Godparents are Larry and Barb F.

*Nicole & Megan S. participated in the State 4-H Horse Judging June 22 in Laramie. Megan was 1st place Overall in the Junior Division.
Nicole, four other Chugwater girls, as well as their Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) advisor, will be traveling to Atlanta, Georgia, Wednesday June 28-July 3, for National FBLA. We pray for safe travels!!

by Terry B.
Our church has recently begun getting the Upper Room daily devotionals for any and all who like to read them. We have a few of the May/June edition, plus several of the July/August edition at the back of the church. They are free for the taking. And, when you are through reading yours and would like to recycle, just bring your copy back to the church and we'll find a home for it.

Dear God, Bless America! Please forgive our sins, individually and as a Country, guide our leaders, and help us to stay free. Thank you for your blessings. In Jesusí Name, Amen.