The Joyful Noise
Chugwater United Methodist Church
JUNE 2016
By Deb H.
The Chugwater Ladies Aid will be very busy this month with our annual deep cleaning of the church. We'll start out on June 9, at 10:00 a.m. with a coffee cake and coffee just to get our strength up. Then we'll break into the upstairs and downstairs teams and clean everything under the sun until it shines. Then we'll enjoy a potluck lunch and strawberry shortcake. We'll do a turn at keeping the church clean for the rest of the month. If cleanliness is next to Godliness, we're all over it!

The Ladies Aid also made a donation to the Lander and Riverton UMC's to help with their flood cleanup.

Remember to bring one non-perishable food item the first Sunday of every month for our food pantry. Thanks!

*Katie C. got 5th in the 800 meter event on the Wheatland team in the Scott Hardy Invite at Wright, Wyoming. At the Wiseman Invite at Torrington, Wyoming, her Lady Bulldogsí Team had a sixth place finish in the 4x800 meter relay.
*Megan S. won a coloring award in the Farm Bureau Federationís recent contest. Her photo can be found in the current edition of the Platte Co. Record-Times. Congratulations.

By Deb H.

Andrea W. and Irma B. collaborated to make new white altar clothes. Irma donated the material and Andrea sewed them up. They are lovely.

Chugwater's Memorial Day activities were discussed. The Memorial Day Service will be at 10:00 a.m. at the cemetery, preceded at 9:00 by a 21-gun salute at the Memorial in town. A dinner will be provided after the service, and a free will donation will be collected. There was a consensus to allow the community choir to practice at the church.

The Council approved the use of the church in case the school needs to be evacuated for any reason.

Summer activities were discussed including a potential picnic at Small's ranch with the Wheatland church, an ice cream social for the whole community, scraping and painting the local library, and the kids' Crafting Corner at the Chugwater Chili Cook-Off.

After a discussion about the Quiet Disciple, it was decided the whole congregation should be nominated rather than individuals. In a church as small as ours, everyone wears many hats and makes sure the work is done.


What father/king let foreign wives turn his head? I Kings 11:4-8

Who was the first earthly father in the Bible? Gen. 4:1-2

What father and sons built an Ark? Gen. C. 6-8 What father in Genesis lived the longest? Gen. 5:26-27

What father moved his family to an evil city? Gen. 13:12-13

Who fathered the first recorded twins? Gen. 25:21-24

What father and mother took their son to the temple to live & work there? I Samuel 1:19, 20

Who was father of the strongest man? Judges C. 13

What father sent his son as a baby to save people? Romans 8:1-4

Dear God, my little boy of three
Has said his nightly prayer to Thee;
Before his eyes were closed in sleep
He asked that Thou his soul would keep;
And I, still kneeling at his bed,
My hand upon his tousled head,
Do ask, with deep humility,
That Thou, dear Lord, remember me.
Make me, kind Lord, a worthy dad,
That I may lead this little lad
In pathways ever fair and bright,
That I may keep his steps aright.
O God, his trust must never be
Destroyed or even marred by me.
So for the simple things he prayed
With childish voice so unafraid,
I, trembling, ask the same from Thee;
Dear Lord, kind Lord, remember me.
---Chicago Daily Tribune in Moody Monthly