MAY 2018
Open hears. Open minds. Open doors.
The people of The United Methodist Church

Hello Friends in Christ!

We live in a time saturated with electronic media that inform, complement and challenge our daily lives. By the time you reach the age of 80, each of us will have watched, on average, a full 7years of television! That would be two full years of just advertising alone. Today, penetration of broadband into the home has reached 80 percent of American households. Many people have three or four TVs, several computers and smart phones. Many pastors no longer use a physical Bible; instead they rely on electronic versions and supports. There are many benefits to the new, digital world. We have more access to information than ever before, “Just Google it.” And we can stay connected to friends from long ago through social media like Facebook. We can shop, watch movies, and surf to our hearts content.

The downsides of the new digital world have been documented by many researchers and studies. Electronic addiction has become a real problem for some; a quarter of the population is addicted to television viewing. Cell phone addiction is also becoming a real problem, particularly among young people. For example, one night I walked to the post office near where I used to live and noticed a teen who was busily punching information into his smart phone. I knew the lad and asked him what he was up to. He looked up briefly and quickly said, “I am playing a game with the guy in that car,” as he pointed to a car parked at the curb and then continued with this activity. He wasn’t connecting in the old fashioned way; he was connecting electronically.

Studies say we are exposed to around 4,000 adverts in one form or another every day. Marketing and advertising are central voices and the main voice we hear is the voice of the salesperson. Our communication media are privately owned and are focused mainly on making money. Every year billions of dollars are spent on creating persuasive messages that will influence our behavior and take advantage of our weaknesses. Much of this advertising applies Freudian methods in creating messages that appeal to unconscious drives and impulses.

Neuroscientists confirm the fact that 80 percent of our decision-making is done without any conscious thought processing at all. So when you watch a car ad where the vehicle speeding through downtown streets in traffic is somehow able to avoid a collision you will ignore the fact that this could not actually happen in real life. The content of the ad does not make sense to the conscious mind but it doesn’t matter because the ad is directed to the fantasy world of the primitive brain. The speeding car communicates some form of freedom that you desire and suggests you can have that freedom by buying the vehicle.

We are bombarded by these messages and usually just ignore or consider them to be a nuisance. The reason for my bringing them up now is to try to awaken you to the dangers of these messengers and messages. I also want you to be careful in your media consumption.

Let me suggest a few things to consider. First, plan your television viewing and do not exceed the time you set for viewing in a day. Second, do not fall asleep to television. To do so is to make your subconscious mind vulnerable to harmful suggestions. Third, set a limit on how much online time you spend using media. Make sure and turn off electronic devices at meal times so you can be fully present for one another. Fourth, limit the amount of time children are allowed to use electronic media. Do not allow them unfettered access to cell phones or video games. In this regard, avoid “privatized” media environments where individuals can isolate in their consumption for long periods. Finally, become conscious of how your media consumption impacts your own life and thinking about the world. Try to notice what happens to your body when you watch TV. In doing these things you are becoming a more critical media consumer and you will be protecting your soul from corruption. Finally, a good thing to do in any area of life is to ask what Jesus would do. What would Jesus watch? What would he say about advertising? What would he say about our digital media?

We Christians are trying to live out the message of the Gospel, so we are called to live conscious lives where we use our moral reasoning to discern right and wrong. We ask God for help in knowing what and how much to consume so we do not submit ourselves to unhealthy manipulation or messages. In doing so, we keep our closeness to the Lord and stay on the path of righteousness and faithful living.
Pastor Robin

Thank you Mark and Barbara Schaffner, owners of Wyoming Trails Gallery, for donating
the engraving on our Quiet Disciple plaque. Your generosity is appreciated!

WillaJean W.; Derek S.’s cousin, Joseph; Ron & Kathryn C.; The Johnny Y. family; the
Jacob A. family; Jim W.; Marian C. and family of Betty H.; Alice J.; Kathy L’s Dad, Red;
Chris L.; The Tony & Carmen C. family; Deb D.; the Larry & Barb F. family; The family of
Chuck S. (Bill W.’s Uncle); Bill W.; Irene J.; Bonnie Y.; Richard B.; Marian C.;
Maxine S.; Leslie D.; Diane N.; Bronwyn B.; Jerry O.; Leonard C. formerly of Chugwater;
Tom K., Mike H., Deb H. & Harold D. of Chugwater, and the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky.

Leonard C.; Harold D.; Tim D. family; Carol N.; Tom K.; the Larry & Barb F. family;
Josh F.; Kim McB.; Carol E.; Lanetta C.; Deb H. family; Bill & Grace S.; Mike H.;
our veterans; and the Chugwater community and school.

May 1st: 9:30-11:3-0 a.m. Project Patricia
May 2nd/9th/16th/23rd & 30th: 9:30-11:30 a.m. Labor of Love (LOL)
May 3rd: National Day of Prayer
May 4th: 3:30 p.m. Coffee &conversation with Pastor Robin, @ The Wandering Hermit
May 6th/13th/20th & 27th: 10:15 a.m. Bible Study
May 10th: 12:00 p.m.UMW Lunch Meeting
May 11th: 3:00 p.m.Memorial Service for Evelyn McGuirt in Fellowship Hall
May 13th: Mother’s Day
May 18th: 6:00 p.m. Trustee Meeting
May 19th: Monthly Breakfasts at 8 a.m.:
Men meet at Tasty Treats, Women meet at Western Sky’s
May 20th: 12:00 Ad Council Meeting
May 28th: Memorial Day

Pastor’s scheduled weeks off
Seventh Week Dates:
June 4-11

By Kathy W., UMW President
The members of the Wheatland UMW met on April 12, 2018, for lunch, the annual Call to Prayer
and Self-Denial, and business meeting. It was reported that we served 39 people for our St.
Patrick’s Day potato bar fund raiser, and that they were generous with their donations. We
would like to do another one, perhaps next fall. Everyone seemed to have a good time and
the work wasn’t beyond our resources.

Rowann reported that box 58 was sent to the Master’s Community Church in Kansas City for
Project Patricia this month. Thanks to Milie Learning and her group in Laramie for sending
us a quantity of fabrics and to Kathy Wittman, who picked them up and delivered them to
the church for us. We also received a batch of fabrics from Ann C.’s sister, Connie R.
We have enough fabric on hand to make up kits at our Project Patricia meeting on May 1.
We will take the summer off, as usual, then resume our labors for this worthwhile endeavor
in September.

Carolyn reported that she is still having trouble getting people to sign up for all of the
volunteer positions we need to continue the church’s activities. She needs liturgists,
ushers, communion preparers, and coffee hour hosts/hostesses. Even if you can’t do it for
a whole month, please put your name on her list whenever you can help out.

We had no funerals this month. Ann C. and Carolyn F. are the co-chairs of that committee.
They hope to prepare a flyer to hand out whenever someone requests a funeral meal, to
explain what is involved and how much it costs.

Kathy W. asked if anyone wanted to car pool over to Torrington for the UMW Friendship
Luncheon on April 21, 2018. We were unable to attend last year, because the area received
snow and ice both times the Torrington ladies tried to schedule this activity. Hopefully,
this year will give us better weather.

Kathy reviewed the plans for a final meeting in May for this season, the Father’s Day Ice
Cream Social scheduled for June 17, and mentioned the Picnic in the Park to be held on
July 12. As has been the case in the last few years, this will be a bring-yourown picnic
social gathering.

All ladies of the church are invited to attend any of these events. We need all the help
we can get to carry out the activities UMW does at WUMC and in our community. If you need
a ride to any of these activities, please call Kathy W. at 322-1623

Our Lay Leader, Kelvin L., will be attending the 2018 Annual Conference in
Ogden, Utah the second weekend in June. Our church has two opportunities to
participate in mission projects there. The first is the Bridge of Love Offering,
where we are encouraged to donate our loose change or bills to help other churches
carry out some large projects. This year’s collection will support the Methodist
Church in Polson, Montana, where they will be sponsoring a Back to School Wellness
Fair, with health, vision, and dental screenings being among the offerings. The
second recipient will be the Methodist Church in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Their plan
is to give an exterior face lift to five or six houses in the area. Starting May
6th, there will be a container in the back of the church where you can contribute
towards these worthy projects.

On Friday of Annual Conference, a group of people will be putting together kits for
the UMCOR depot in Salt Lake City. There are three kinds of kits made at this
location: cleaning, school, and hygiene. We would like to see our congregation
gather supplies for the hygiene kits, which Kelvin then will deliver. As with all
of the kits, the requirements are quite specific. If you would be willing to supply
any or all of the components, we have the month of May to see how many things we can
collect to help those who are in need of some very basic items. We won’t be assembling
kits, as that is the project being handled by a group at the conference. Following is
a list of items needed. Please notice the specific details and DO NOT wash the towels
or washcloths, as they are then considered used and can’t be included.

Hygiene Kit Materials:
1 Hand towel—15”x25” to 17”x27” (Kitchen, cleaning, and microfiber towels not acceptable)
1 Washcloth
1 Toothbrush—Adult size only (Do not remove from original packaging)
6 Adhesive bandages—3/4” to 1” size (Common household Band-Aids)
1 Bath-size soap—3 ounces or larger sizes only (No Ivory or Jergens soap due to moisture
content (Do not remove from original packaging)
1 Comb--needs to be sturdy and have a minimum of 6” of teeth No pocket combs or picks, please
Comb may or may not have a handle
1 Metal nail file or nail clippers—no emery boards, please
1 plastic one gallon sealable bag
$1.00 to purchase toothpaste

Thank you for your willingness to reach out and help those whose needs are greater than our own.

We are always in need of volunteers to supply snacks and cookies and volunteers to serve as monthly
liturgist, ushers, felloswhip coordinators and communion stewards. If you can please put your name
on the sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall.

**Please remember to write down any meetings, gatherings, etc. on the calendar in the Fellowship Hall
so nothing is forgotten.