The Joyful Noise
Chugwater United Methodist Church
MAY 2017

Our food pantry is now empty. We always empty the pantry to add to the Lions' Club food baskets each December. If you'd like to help us restock our pantry with canned goods and non-perishable items, feel free. Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Pastor Jim & Andrea Welch,
for now
You both will be missed dearly!!
We will be honoring Jim and Andrea Welch on their last Sunday with us, May 21st. There will be ONE COMBINED church service with Chugwater and Wheatland congregations at 10:30 a.m. at the Wheatland Church. A carry-in will follow in the fellowship hall, where meat will be provided. Please bring a vegetable, salad, or dessert to share. Looking forward to seeing everyone there to bid these two wonderful people farewell and good luck!

To Pastor Welch and Andrea,
A big thank you from the Church Secretary, Mandy (& Jordan)

Dear Pastor Jim and Andrea,
I just want to thank you so very much for offering me this opportunity to work for the WUMC and CUMC as the church secretary. You are such wonderful people, and I
feel absolutely blessed that God brought you both into our lives and gave us the privilege of knowing you! I must say, in the almost 9 months since I was offered
this position, you have both become like family to us and you mean so very much to us! I couldn’t have asked for anything better to happen to me, at just the
right time. You have given me light and I really appreciate everything you have done. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to know I am appreciated! We will
most definitely miss you very much, and I hope we will stay in touch! So, lastly, may the blessings of good health, the joy of good friends, a loving family, and
the contentment of a job well done, fill your life with happiness!
Best wishes on your journey back in Texas (where the weather is only ‘slightly’ different than Wyoming!)
With Much Love and many blessings,
Mandy & Jordan Miller