Open hears. Open minds. Open doors.
The people of The United Methodist Church
Dear friends,

I’ve taken steps to sell my home in Hot Springs, South Dakota. I am doing this in order to move to Wheatland. I gotten positive feedback about living in the parsonage. I will remain ¾ time in the parish. I have invited Joan (Joanie) to visit the parish. She has a very good singing voice and plays the guitar and other instruments. I’ve also invited her to sing when she visits. She will love you as much as you will love her. I’m hoping she will be able to visit in the near future.

How often have you talked with someone on the telephone who seemed to be in a hurry and wanted to get on with more important business? Or visited with someone on the street and received that same hurried feeling? You've undoubtedly experienced it...and didn't enjoy it. And, perhaps, you have also been guilty of this. If you have, why not decide to tithe time, save up chunks, bits and pieces of it, and give them away to people who interrupt your pre-established plans?

It is a great principle of love that people don't interrupt, not really. Perhaps there shouldn't even be such a word as interrupt; for when people come into your existence, even for a brief time, that is a wonderful moment of experience for both of you. Relish it. Probe it. Invest some of the time you have tithed. We can't afford to indulge in the luxury of "being too busy and important" for another person.

We have time for such inanimate things as pieces of mail, vast sprawling shopping centers, the television program which starts at 7:30. But what about relationships with people? Isn't that a great deal of what life is all about loving other people? Remember Jesus? How he raced about, hurrying from one city to another, collecting great crowds on the way to give them a few minutes of hurried heaven-data, then dashing on to the next place?

No, that is not the picture of Jesus the New Testament gives. He had time for people. In a crowd, a woman touched his robe. Lots of people were probably pushing against him, touching his robe, but he discerned the urgency in this particular touch. He stopped, taking valuable time for this "interruption." His disciples were full of fire and computer-like- efficiency. They wanted to get on with the task of getting something done, even if they didn't always know what that "something" was.

Once a bunch of small, grimy-fingered kids came along and wanted to climb on the Master's lap. "Get those kids out of here," thought the goal-oriented disciples.

"No, let them stay. Let's enjoy them and let them enjoy us," thought the true-goal-oriented Man from heaven who knew and expressed the great worth of the individual.

The next time a person "interrupts" you, think not of your work and your deadlines; rather, think of that person's needs, of his covert compliment in desiring to spend a few moments with you. Your meeting may be a significant point in each of your lives, because it is an encounter with another person God has created. you may impart something crucial to his fulfillment or he to yours.

Paul prayed: "May God, who gives patience, steadiness, and encouragement, help you to live in complete harmony with each other each with the attitude of Christ toward the other" (Rom. 15:5, TLB).

Are you caught up on your time-tithe?

So dear friends let us “encourage” one another to good works.

May God bless us in our spiritual endeavor

Rev Tom

Rowann & Gene S.; Ann C.; Kathy W.'s family on the death of her brother,
Paul R.; Emily, Julie M.'s granddaughter; Bronwyn B.; Larry & Barb F. as
they travel to MO; Darlene B.'s brother as he moves to Alaska &
granddaughter, Bethany as she deploys to Kuwait; Rodene & Jim's grandson
for safe travels; Pastor Tom; our church members; our community; Wyoming
Thunder, (Wyoming National Guard) and their families, as they begin
deployment to the Middle East; and the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky.

Darlene T; Clay F; Chris S; Larry F; and the Chugwater community and school.

Please let us know if you would like a name added to, or removed from,
our prayer list.

NEEDED: Communion helpers, Ushers/Greeters, Liturgists, and Fellowship
Hostesses. For our churches to run efficiently we all need to help!
There is a sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall.


Our church is like any other business, it needs funds to run on. We need to pay utility
bills, our Pastor, building insurance and the like. So to meet that need once a year we
have a stewardship campaign. The 2019 Stewardship Campaign will be two Sundays
in October, the 20th and 27th. There will be more information in the Sunday Bulletins.

Thank you for you prayerful giving.
The Finance Committee


November 1 Dave & Jenny H.
November 9 Karyl W.
November 11 WillaJean W.
November 18 Avery H.
November 19 Lane H.
November 20 Tim & Kathy H.
November 21 Rihanna R.
November 25 Kelsey B.
November 26 Liesl S.


November 4 Scouts @ 6:30 p.m.
November 5 Patricia Project @ 9:30 a.m.
November 6 L.O.L. @ 9:30 a.m.
November 13 L.O.L. @ 9:30 a.m.
November 14 UMW Carry-in Lunch & Meeting @ 12:00 noon
November 16 Men's Breakfast @ 8:00 a.m. - Tasty Treats
November 16 Women's Breakfast @ 8:00 a.m. - Western Sky's
November 17 Ad Council - after worship
November 18 Scouts
November 20 L.O.L. @ 9:30 a.m.
November 27 L.O.L. @ 9:30 a.m.
November 28 Happy Thanksgiving
December 1 1st Sunday in Advent

United Methodist Women

The UMW meeting scheduled for October 10 was postponed because Wheatland roads
were snow-covered and icy. The group assembled after church on Oct. 13, instead.
Myrna K., Treasurer, informed us that we had received a request for a donation to the
Legacy Home for its annual Trick or Treat event on Halloween. The group agreed to
donate our usual $25.00. Myrna reported that the Share the Warmth project for the
Wyoming District Plus One was a success. We gathered 29 coats, which were donated
to the Thrift store or were given to Barbara Harris, District representative, as well as a
donation of $105.00. Well done, WUMC! Thank you for your generosity.

The group finalized plans for the upcoming Harvest Celebration Potato Bar supper
October 23 from 5 to 7 p.m. to raise money for our mission work. We are still looking
for someone to provide entertainment during the meal. Put it on your calendar to join us!
We will ask for donations, rather than charge a set fee. The money will be used for our
mission work.

We will collect our United Thank Offering at the November meeting, and will hold elections
and distribute excess funds at the December meeting as a group. A new schedule for the rest
of 2019 is posted on the UMW bulletin board, was sent by e-mail, or is available for those
of you who don’t get electronic notices. See Kathy W. for a copy of the latest minutes and t
he revised schedule.

Any ladies who attend this church are invited to attend UMW meetings on the second Thursday
of each month. The next lunch and meeting will be held on November 14 at noon. Bring your
own lunch. We usually eat first, then begin the meeting between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. You’re
welcome to join us.

Many thanks to all of you who helped the UMW present our Harvest Celebration Potato Bar
Supper on October 23. The UMW members came through with donated desserts and "fixings",
as well as their help with decorating the Fellowship Hall, setting up, serving the meal, and cleaning
up after it. We served a record 62 plates, which brought in generous donations for our mission work.
We appreciated that Rodene and Johnny volunteered to provide music during the event, and that
Dorothy & Gary B. volunteered for clean up duty and to run the dishwasher for us after the meal.
We also appreciated those of you who came to the supper and brought family and friends with you.
What a team of givers we have in this church! Thank you so much.
Kathy Wilson, UMW president


Some of the positions/people that help to keep our church running is the Staff/Pastor-
Parish Relations (SPR) Committee. Below is information on the SPR Committee,
what they do and are responsible for.

Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations (SPR)
The duty of this committee is to promote unity between the pastor, the staff, and
the congregation. When one pastor leaves and a new pastor comes, this committee
is responsible for a smooth transition. This committee is also in charge of hiring
staff members when necessary. They need to confer with, and counsel, the pastor
and staff on matters pertaining to the effectiveness of ministry. This committee, also,
is to be very accessible to the congregation to insure that individual needs are also
being met by the pastor and staff. Open communication is a real necessity!

Don’t forget, we have Safeway cards. You can get them after church during
Fellowship Hour. They come in $20, $50, and $100, denominations. They are
good at the Safeway here in Wheatland as well as other Safeway and Albertsons
stores throughout the region. A portion of the cost comes back to the church.
This is a great way to support our church. See Karyl during fellowship hour.

Greetings friends:

Grace and Peace to you from a snowy Cheyenne. I am writing to announce upcoming Pathways Focus Sessions across Wyoming, this November. At annual conference this past June, we voted to approve the formation of a Pathways Team to develop options for our annual conference in response to General Conference 2019 and the upcoming General Conference 2020 (see full petition here: MSC-09 Moving Towards God’s Good Future.) As part of this action, the Pathways team is holding Focus Sessions to share information and seek feedback from across the conference regarding potential paths we may take. These five gatherings – one held in each circuit – will be facilitated by members of the Pathways Team and GC/JC delegation from Wyoming. Please share this schedule with your congregations in as many ways as possible as ALL are invited to attend!

• November 5, 7 pm – Thermopolis Federated Community Church, 244 N 6th St., Thermopolis, WY
• November 7, 7 pm – First UMC of Cheyenne, 108 E 18th Str., Cheyenne, WY
• November 11, 7 pm – First UMC of Rock Springs, 1515 Edgar St, Rock Springs, WWY
• November 16, 1 pm – First UMC of Gillette, 2000 W. Lakeway Rd., Gillette, WY
• November 18, 6 pm – First UMC of Casper, 302 E 2nd St., Casper, WY

Rev. Jeff Rainwater
Wyoming District Superintendent
Mountain Sky Conference of the United Methodist Church

What do you think about when you hear the word STEWARDSHIP in relation to the church? “Oh, boy, they’re wanting more of my money!”, “How can I give money when I just lost my job?”, “How can I give more, when I’m on a fixed income?” I’m sure we have all thought those thoughts and maybe even some others. Have you ever thought about where your pledge goes? It pays the Pastor’s salary, the utility bills, the upkeep on the elevator and grounds, it provides supplies and stamps for the church office for bulletins and newsletters, and it supports community mission activities like the Backpack Initiative through Platte County School District #1 and Red Bird Mission.

We as a church need your support to continue to be a force in our community. Our church family values your time, talents and treasures; we thank you for your past giving. We thank you in advance for continuing your generous support for the upcoming year through your pledge. Please pray about your pledge, however small. Thank you!

I/We (your name/s) __________________ pledge my/our support for Wheatland United Methodist Church for 2020.

Monthly gift of ________ Weekly Gift of __________ Other? _______

I would like a giving statement: During the 4th quarter of the current year. ______ In January for the previous year. _____ No giving statement necessary. _____

Thank you for your generosity!

Pledge cards can be placed in the offering plate or returned to the church office by Nov. 8 in care of Rodene M.