Greetings All!

Last summer as I was driving down Highway 50 back to Wiley, Colorado, a pickup truck was coming the opposite way. In an instant I saw a small explosion of feathers and a small bird tumbling underneath the truck and onto the pavement behind it. As I passed by I looked and saw a small dove resting on the centerline, dazed and wounded. It lay on its side one wing faintly raised in an effort to right itself. As I continued on I felt sad because another vehicle would soon run over this helpless bird. I continued on, but it bothered me so much that I turned the car around and went back to at least move the wounded bird off of the highway.

As I drove the two miles back I looked ahead and saw there, ahead near the centerline, the small, dove. I pulled over to see the fledgling bird sitting upright right next to the painted lane divider. There were no cars coming, so I dashed out onto the highway where the helpless dove sat. dazed, it looked up at me as I reached down slowly, cupping it between my palms. It offered no resistance. I saw no blood and it appeared to be in pretty good shape for a bird that had just been hit by a pickup driving 60-miles an hour.

I put it into a picnic cooler I had in the car and headed home, not knowing what exactly I was going to do with it from there. I arrived within the hour and looked to see the bird laying on its side passively in the cooler. I took the dove out and placed it in one of our small dog crates along with some water. It looked fearfully at me through its darting, beady eyes; I named it Precious and said a prayer as the small dove remained motionless the whole evening.

In the morning I looked into the crate to see Precious was much more active and seemed to have her wits about her. Miraculously, the bird seemed to be recovering and was thrashing around the crate. She wanted out! There might be a happy ending to this story after all.

I finished up some work, put the crate in the car and decided to drive back out to where I had picked the dove off the road. Reaching the spot, I turned off onto a dirt road to a wooded area where I could release the bird. I opened the kennel and Precious slowly moved to the open gate; once out, the bird quickly scuttled into the woods, appearing to have fully recovered.

Now you may say, that’s a bunch of sentimental mush! But just think about it for a moment. Open yourself up. Consider that at some point in your life you might have been that little bird, run over, injured, stunned. In that moment you found yourself helpless, sitting in a dangerous place near the center line of the highway of life, alive but unable to function. At that time what kept you from being crushed by the ongoing traffic? It is the hand and eye of someone who sees what has happened and acts on your behalf - out of the blue, in an instant, snatching you from what seemed to be certain doom.

Consider what Jesus says in Matthew "Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" Matthew 6:26.

Whatever struggle you are facing today, God is watching. He will pick you up in the palm of his hands and gently move you to safety. He will nurture and care for you when you are helpless and alone. Receive, believe and you will be saved!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Robin

George & Joan B.; Marian C.; Jim W.; Diane S.; Keith & Debbie B.;
Maxine S.; Rowann S.cott; Jim W.; Leslie D.; Irene J.; Diane N.;
Marian A. (Kathy L.’s aunt); Bronwyn B.; Jerry O.rr; Bob B.; Wayne W.;
Tom K., Mike H., Dennis B., Deb H. & Harold D. of Chugwater, the Red
Bird Mission in Kentucky; those suffering the effects of the hurricanes;
and our hearts go out to the families in our community that have been
touched by the drug crisis.

Tom K.; Kim McB.; Lanetta C.; Will C.; Deb H.; Deb H.’s Mom and Dad;
Barb F.’s Mom and Dad; Dennis B.; Wayne W.; Jim & Nancy C.; Bill &
Grace S.; Mike H.; the Kevin E. family; the family of Jodale R.;
sympathy to the family in the loss of Steve S.a’s mother- Fran;
our veterans; and the Chugwater community and school.

We are always in need of persons to supply snacks and cookies and
volunteers to serve as monthly liturgist, ushers, felloswhip
coordinators and communion stewards. If you can please put your name
on the sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall.

**Please remember to write down any meetings, gatherings, etc. on the
calendar in the Fellowship Hall so nothing is forgotten.


October 1: “The Bible Tells Me So” Bible Class - 6:30 p.m. in Wheatland
October 3: Project Patricia - 9:30 11:30 a.m.
October 4, 11, 18, 25: Labor of Love - 9:30- 11:30 a.m.
October 8: Finance meeting - 12:30 p.m.
October 12: UMW meeting & Lunch - Noon
October 15: Worship Committee meeting following Church
October 20: Ad Council meeting - 6:00 p.m.
October 21: Charge Conference held at 1st UMC in Cheyenne from 1:30-3:30 p.m.
October 21: Breakfast Meetings - 8:00 a.m.:

  • Men meet at Tasty Treats
  • Women meet at Western Skies

    The United Methodist Women are now selling Equal Exchange, Fairly Traded
    Coffee. This is the same coffee as they are providing during our fellowship
    time. It is $9.00 for a full, one pound bag of ground, caffeinated,
    Fellowship Blend coffee. It wiII be for sale after church in the Fellowship
    Hall. Thanks for your support!


    The United Methodist Women met on September 14, 2017, for a carry-in lunch,
    an excellent program by Caroline F. about a “Purpose-Filled Community”, and the
    first business meeting of the Fall season. Six ladies attended. We reviewed the
    calendar for the rest of 2017, and updated the list of members. Myrna reported
    that she ordered five new books for the reading program, which are available on
    the bookshelves on the north wall of the Fellowship Hall between the card rack
    and the UMW bulletin board. Four of our members received certificates of
    recognition for their participation in the reading program in 2016: Myrna K.,
    Rowann S., Karyl W., and WillaJean W. Good job, ladies! We discussed the funeral
    dinners we provided recently, and how we can make sure we have enough help to
    provide them in the future. We then discussed some possible fund-raising
    activities, and the status of our membership list.

    The Project Patricia “cut-ups” will meet on Tuesday, October 3, at 9:30 a.m. We
    have plenty of fabrics, thanks to Marge at the Thrift Store. Rodene M. has our
    thanks for washing the three boxes of the new materials. We have also gotten
    packs of cut pieces from you folks in the congregation who help with this
    project—thanks. We plan to pack the rest of box number 50, and as much of box
    51 as we have pieces to fill. We will also pack more kits to make available
    for the next round. We appreciate your help with any parts of this effort you
    can do. If you can help cut, please pick up one of the kits from the Fellowship
    Hall location just outside the nursery, and return the cut pieces to the empty
    bin before the next meeting, if possible.

    The next meeting of the UMW will be held at noon on October 12 in the Fellowship
    Hall. Bring your own lunch or snack, and enjoy the program by Ann C. Afterwards,
    we’ll plan the activities for the rest of the year and discuss more ideas for
    raising money for our mission activities.

    All ladies of the church are invited to attend any of these events. We need all
    the help we can get to carry out the activities UMW does at WUMC and in our
    community. If you need a ride to any of these events, please call Kathy W.
    at 322-1623.

    Labor of Love (LOL) now has Halloween cards available for purchase in the
    Fellowship Hall. Soon, they will be busy working on Thanksgiving and Christmas
    cards, as well! Come take a look, these cards are only $1.00 and each individual
    card is made with love and kind thoughts!


    “The Bible Tells Me So”
    Read the Bible with confidence – Be able to defend what you believe
    With so many different views on the meaning of Scripture, how can you
    be sure of what you believe? Build your faith and increase your
    understanding of the Bible and its message. It will give you valuable
    tools for reading, understanding and explaining the Bible in the
    following areas: Learn how the Bible came into being.

    Learn about the translation process and how various versions are produced.

    Learn how Protestant traditions examine and explain biblical content.

    Learn to critically examine common assumptions about the Bible.

    Learn about Wesley’s methodology for interpreting controversial texts.

    Learn how to examine and interpret controversial verses.
    October 1st
    6:30 p.m. Sunday evening at the Wheatland UMC
    October 15th
    4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon at Chugwater UMC
    6:30 p.m. Sunday evening at the Wheatland UMC
    October 22nd
    4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon at Chugwater UMC
    6:30 p.m. Sunday evening at the Wheatland UMC



    • Liturgist: Karen T.
    • Ushers: Barb S. & Hannah W.
    • Fellowship: Bill & Kathy W.
    • Communion: Karen T.


    • Liturgist – Karen T.
    • Ushers – Barb S. & Hannah W.
    • Fellowship – Gloria S.

    OCTOBER 15

    • Liturgist – Diane N.
    • Ushers – Barb S. & Hannah W.
    • Fellowship – Cookie Monster

    OCTOBER 22

    • Liturgist – Diane N.
    • Ushers – Barb S. & Hannah W.
    • Fellowship – Cookie Monster

    OCTOBER 29

    • Liturgist – Dave & Vicki B
    • Ushers – Barb S. & Hannah W.
    • Fellowship – Cookie Monster


    October 2nd – 8th
    November 20th – 26th

    Over the last few weeks we have been talking about devotion to God
    and building our connections with one another. As part of this activity,
    I have asked each of you to share a personal faith story. I hope you are
    willing to do this and maybe already have been working on it. It can be
    one page or 100-pages! If you aren’t sure what to write about, consider
    your faith life and how you came to believe in Jesus. You could share a
    story that gave you a new awareness of what God means to you. Almost any
    topic related to your personal faith experience will work.

    If you need more help, give me a call and we can talk about it. You can send
    your testimonies to the church email, or to me at mine trobin.riley@gmail.com.
    Put in the subject line “personal testimony.” I look forward to reading and
    hearing your stories. I am sure they will bring inspiration and hope to our
    congregations. I am giving you a soft deadline of Oct. 15TH.

    UMCOR gives $10,000 grant for Yellowstone Conference fires

    The Rev. David Burt, Yellowstone Conference Director of Connectional Ministry
    and Assistant to the Bishop, reports the Yellowstone Conference received a
    $10,000 emergency grant from the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
    for fire relief. One check for $5,000 was sent to the United Way of Missoula County,
    Montana, for the Lolo Peak, Rice Ridge and Seeley Lake fires. Another check for
    $5,000 was sent to the Garfield County Fire Foundation to assist in restocking
    fire-fighting supplies in eastern Montana. The Lodgepole Complex fire in eastern
    Montana has received a huge number of donations, including hay and fencing material.