Open hears. Open minds. Open doors.
The people of The United Methodist Church
Dear friends,

I briefly shared last Sunday about a beautiful spiritual woman I met several months ago. I didn’t believe that love could come to me again since losing Cindy after 35 years of marriage, but it has. I will share several facts about this amazing woman; She founded a non-profit agency sixteen years ago that helps seniors who are marginalized by their social, physical, cognition, family structure, monetary, transportation, and other challenges. She is passionate, kind and very intelligent about her “calling” Her name is Joan Raderman, she is the director of The Circle of Care. We both now know that persons in their later years can find love; thanks be to God. She will visit both churches at some point in the future. You will love her. I will speak more of her in the future.

Paul Tillich, the great theologian, defined faith as courage. That is great. He said that is what faith will look like when you see it. It will look like courage. What faith is, is acting on your trust that God is faithful. Most of the time, if you are doing anything worthwhile, it is done on faith, and it takes courage.

Most people think the opposite of faith is doubt. They think, "I have some doubts, therefore I don't have faith." Well faith doesn't remove doubt. Faith is courage to go into an unknown future despite the doubts. Faith doesn't remove fear either. Faith is the courage to do the right thing even when your knees are trembling. Faith doesn't remove disappointments or guarantee victory. Faith is the courage to keep on going even when you want to give up, but you keep on going.

That is what faith looks like. Madeleine L'Engel put it perfectly. "I don't have to have some special qualification to do what I have to do. All I have to do is have the courage to go on and do it."

The future of the churches in our parish is bright, yet it will take courage to step into that bright future believing that God is inviting us to do so. We will have that courage to share the love of God in Christ with all others and with one another in the community of Faith. Doing all things right does take great courage. We risk being rejected. We may fear failure.

John Wesley suggested three basic things good Christians do; “Do no harm” Do good always, everywhere, to everyone” “Stay in love with God.” Sounds easy, but it’s not! It takes courage.

So dear friends let us “encourage” one another to good works.

May God bless us in our spiritual endeavor

Rev Tom

Rowann & Gene S.; Ann C.; Kathy W.'s brother, Paul R.; Emily, Julie M.'s
granddaughter; Bronwyn B.; Larry & Barb F., as they travel to MO;
Darlene B.'s brother as he moves to Alaska & granddaughter, Bethany
as she deploys to Kiwait; Pastor Tom; our church members; our community;
our teachers and students as they go back to school; Wyoming Thunder,
(Wyoming National Guard) as they begin deployment to the Middle East;
and the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky.

Darlene T; Clay F; Chris S; Larry F; and the Chugwater community and school.

Please let us know if you would like a name added to, or removed from,
our prayer list.

Don’t forget, we have Safeway cards. You can get them after church during
Fellowship Hour. They come in $20, $50, and $100, denominations. They are
good at the Safeway here in Wheatland as well as other Safeway and Albertsons
stores throughout the region. A portion of the cost comes back to the church. This is a
great way to support our church.

NEEDED: Ushers/Greeters, Liturgists, and Fellowship Hostesses. For our churches
to run efficiently we all need to help! There is a need for Ushers/Greeters, Liturgists
and Fellowship Hostesses. There is a sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall.


Our church is like any other business, it needs funds to run on. We need to pay utility
bills, our Pastor, building insurance and the like. So to meet that need once a year we
have a stewardship campaign. The 2019 Stewardship Campaign will be two Sundays
in October, the 20th and 27th. There will be more information in the Sunday Bulletins.

Thank you for you prayerful giving.
The Finance Committee


Some of the positions/people that help to keep our church running are the Financial
Secretary and the Treasurer. Below is information on the Financial Secretary and
Treasurer positions, what they do and are responsible for.

The financial secretary receives money from the collection plates and other money
received in donation to the church and church projects. Deposits are made by the
financial secretary and an accounting of each member’s giving is completed.
Contribution receipts are completed by the Secretary.

The role of the treasurer is to care for the church’s finances in relation to paying
the bills of the church and keep an accounting of all the funds the church owns.

United Methodist Women

The first meeting of the United Methodist Women (UMW) of Wheatland UMC for Fall
2019 was held on Sept. 12, 2019. After the carry-in lunch had been enjoyed by all, Kathy
W. presented a program about “Share the Warmth”, a project by UMW HQ. The UMW
is encouraging everyone to go through the coats you have at home, evaluate whether you
have worn the coats and wish to keep them or can let them go. If you keep the coats, you’re
asked to donate $1.00 per coat to this project. If you don’t want the coats, you are
encouraged to donate them to a local charity or organization who is distributing them to those
in need or put them in the box in the foyer of the church for the UMW to distribute.

The group heard the usual reports. Rowann reported that box # 77 was sent for Project Patricia
this month, and another one is almost full. We have decided to continue with this mission for as
long as God sends us materials and we have help with cutting the pieces out. The Project Patricia
crew meets the first Tuesday of each month in the Fellowship Hall to pack up pieces for shipment
to the church in Kansas and to set up new kits for the “cut ups” to take home, cut out, and return.
Help is always welcome.

Plans for the rest of this year were discussed. It was decided that we will hold a Harvest Celebration
Potato Bar supper October 23 from 5 to 7 p.m. to raise money for our mission work. We are looking
for someone to provide entertainment during the meal. Put it on your calendar to join us! We will
collect our United Thank Offering at the November meeting, and will hold elections and distribute excess
funds at the December meeting as a group.

Any ladies who attend this church are invited to attend UMW meetings on the second Thursday of each
month. The next lunch and meeting will be held on October 12 at noon. Bring your own lunch. We
usually eat first, then begin the meeting between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. You’re welcome to join us.

Ellie Young, President, Rocky Mountain Legacy Conference &
Stacey King, President, Yellowstone Legacy Conference

Dear Sisters in Christ,
As we create the new Mountain Sky Conference United Methodist Women, we have questions
about other possible changes that might result from decisions of the special session of General
Conference 2019.
We have been through change before, but at times it seems there may be too much change.
Since our January time together, the United Methodist Women Leadership Teams of the Rocky
Mountain Legacy Conference and the Yellowstone Legacy Conference are meeting through video
conferencing to revision direction and details of our unique Mountain Sky Conference United
Methodist Women. Standing Rules are coming together, financial details are coming together,
exciting ways of communicating are being explored, and programs and events are being developed.
We are excited about the promise of our way forward!

We Share with you the following letter from Harriett Jane Olson, General Secretary of United
Methodist Women, regarding the impact of General Conference 2019 and our organization.
With God’s help, our National Office Leadership, the Boards of Directors and Program Advisory
Group will make decisions for us to remain true to our mission with women, children, and youth
throughout our global community. We are United Methodist Women!

Your Sisters in Christ,
Ellie Young, President Rocky Mountain Legacy Conference
Stacey King, President, Yellowstone Legacy Conference