Greetings All!

It was an exciting moment, when the moon completely blacked out the sun last Monday. The total eclipse finally arrived giving people all across the state and country a glimpse of one of the most rare events in life. Claire and I put out a sleeping bag on the parsonage lawn and leaned back to watch the slow, incremental darkening of the sky. Little by little, the shape of the moon filled in the bright yellow sphere. When the eclipse finally reached totality, we marveled at the sight, taking off the glasses to see a moon with a halo flaring all around it. Incredible! A 360-degree sunset! The temperature dropped 20 degrees and the streetlights came on as we sat in what seemed like moonlight in the middle of the day.

One of the most wonderful things about this event was the way it allowed people to stop what they were doing - stop their routines and stop their work life to be present in that moment to look up and experience God’s creation. We left our every day lives behind for a time to enter into a state of awe and wonder.

When Jesus was telling his disciples about faith the size of a mustard seed in the Gospel of Luke, he was not suggesting that the size of their faith could be measured, or that a tree could be moved from one spot to another. He was suggesting that they enter into the experience, that they imagine the impossible becoming possible. He was telling them to see something they had never seen.

Really, if we think about it, this is the way we must experience faith itself, as something that requires imagination. Without imagination, how could we come to terms with the resurrection? Rising from the dead is impossible, but Jesus rose from the grave and the world was changed forever. New life came out of death and in your life the same can happen. Something new, something unimaginable can happen but you must enter into the experience of extraordinary.

We spend most of our time trying to manage, control and figure out life, so that we can create permanence, so we can eliminate the unknown. In a world that appears to be dangerous and uncertain, this makes us feel safer. And that is understandable.

The problem for us lies is our tendency to rely completely on ourselves, boxing ourselves into what we can do on our own rather than entering into the mystery of the mustard seed and the miracle it represents; Jesus is inviting us to enter into the imaginative possibilities for God solving our problems. Life is more than safety and security; it’s more than managing responsibilities. Maybe God wants to bring something new into your life, something that seems impossible. So enter into the experience and imagine the impossible coming true for you.

When we sat there in the back yard, watching the eclipse, we were experiencing, something new, something exciting, something more than a novelty event. We stopped everything so we could enter the moment and experienced awe and wonder. We let ourselves be open to God’s working in our hearts and minds and I was transformed by the event!

As we think about our church and its mission in this community, let’s imagine something new. Let yourself see the impossible happening here in our church. Instead of focusing on what it lacks and its limitations, imagine the impossible coming into being in our church. Then, be prepared to experience awe and wonder at what God will do!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Robin

Chris C.; George B.; Diane S.; Keith & Debbie B.; Maxine S.; Rowann S.;
Jim W.; Leslie D.; Irene J.; Diane N.; Marian A. (Kathy L.’s aunt);
Bronwyn B.; Jerry O.; Bob B.; Wayne W.; Tom K., Mike H., Dennis B.,
Deb H. & Harold D. of Chugwater, the Red Bird Mission in Kentucky,
and sympathy to the family of Crystal Branstner (Mandy’s Cousin).

Tom K.; Kim McB.; Lanetta C.; Will C.; Deb H.; Deb H.’s Mom and Dad;
Barb F.’s Mom and Dad; Dennis B.; Wayne W.; Jim & Nancy C.; Bill &
Grace S.; Mike H.; the Kevin E. family; the family of Jodale R.;
Military personnel serving our country; our veterans; the Chugwater
community and school.

We are always in need of persons to supply snacks and cookies and
volunteers to serve as monthly liturgist, ushers, felloswhip
coordinators and communion stewards. If you can please put your name
on the sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall.

**Please remember to write down any meetings, gatherings, etc. on the
calendar in the Fellowship Hall so nothing is forgotten.


September 3, 10, 17: Bible Study

  • 4:00 p.m. - Chugwater
  • 6:30 p.m. - Wheatland
    September 4th: Labor Day
    September 5th: Project Patricia
    September 8th: 6:00 p.m. - Ad Council Meeting
    September 11th: Patriot Day
    September 14th: UMW Lunch Meeting
    September 16th: - 8:00 a.m. Breakfasts
  • Men - Tasty Treats
  • Women - Western Sky's

    September 24: Pastor Robin will be taking a vacation day to join Claire,
    his wife, for her 35th year in the ministry anniversary.

    The United Methodist Women are now selling Equal Exchange, Fairly Traded
    Coffee. This is the same coffee as they are providing during our fellowship
    time. It is $9.00 for a full, one pound bag of ground, caffeinated,
    Fellowship Blend coffee. It wiII be for sale after church in the Fellowship
    Hall. Thanks for your support!


    The United Methodist Women (UMW) met once over the summer, in July,
    for a picnic at Lewis Park. We were pleased to have Darlene B.
    join us, as well as to see some members who haven’t been able to
    attend the lunches during the year. The weather cooperated, and
    gave us a warm day with a slight breeze to cool us off. We had a
    good time and managed to discuss some issues that needed attention.

    UMW activities will kick off with a Project Patricia meeting on Sept.
    5, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. We will assess the materials we have received
    over the summer, pack up and send any cut-outs we’ve received to the
    Kansas church, and prepare new kits. If you have one of our kits,
    please bring it back before the 5th, so we’ll have something to send out.

    The first UMW lunch and meeting for the Fall season will take place on
    Sept. 14, 2017, at noon. It will be a carry-in lunch in the Fellowship
    Hall. Please bring a dish to share. Carolyn F. will present our program,
    “A Purpose Filled Community”. The business meeting will be held after
    lunch. We’re looking for ways to raise funds for our mission work this
    year, so if you have a good idea for a fund raiser, please come and
    present it or let Kathy know what it is. We want to continue giving
    donations to local charities we support, and pledges just don’t do it.

    All ladies of the church are invited to attend any of these events. We
    need all the help we can get to carry out the activities UMW does at
    WUMC and in our community. If you need a ride to any of these events,
    please call Kathy W. at 322-1623.


    On Friday, August 25th, the Wheatland United Methodist Church sponsored a
    community concert event. We brought in Brent Vernon; a writer, illustrator,
    and performer. He also brought his friend “Sam”, who was a HUGE hit with the
    kiddos! We had a great turnout for this event, and everyone had a great time!


    “The Bible Tells Me So”
    Read the Bible with confidence – Be able to defend what you believe
    With so many different views on the meaning of Scripture, how can you
    be sure of what you believe? Build your faith and increase your
    understanding of the Bible and its message. It will give you valuable
    tools for reading, understanding and explaining the Bible in the
    following areas: Learn how the Bible came into being.

    Learn about the translation process and how various versions are produced.

    Learn how Protestant traditions examine and explain biblical content.

    Learn to critically examine common assumptions about the Bible.

    Learn about Wesley’s methodology for interpreting controversial texts.

    Learn how to examine and interpret controversial verses.

    Sept. 3, 10, 17, Oct. 1
    4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon at the Chugwater UMC
    6:30 p.m. Sunday evening at the Wheatland UMC



    • Liturgist: Dave & Vicki B.
    • Ushers: Carolyn F. & Ann C.
    • Fellowship: Julie M. & Janet A
    • Communion: Carolyn F.


    • Liturgist – Dave & Vicki B.
    • Ushers – Carolyn F. & Ann C.
    • Fellowship – Gloria S.


    • Liturgist – Dave & Vicki B.
    • Ushers – Carolyn F. & Ann C.
    • Fellowship – Wille Jean W.


    • Liturgist – Dave & Vicki B.
    • Ushers – Carolyn F. & Ann C.
    • Fellowship – Mary Lou M.


    October 2nd – 8th
    November 20th – 26th

    Pastor Robin would love to talk with you. If you would like to get together, just let
    him know.


    We are always in need of persons to supply snacks and cookies, and volunteers to
    serve as monthly liturgist, ushers, fellowship coordinators and communion stewards.
    If you can do this, please put your name on the sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall.


    Basic Lay Servant Ministry Course,
    Sept. 15-16 at Community Federated Church, Thermopolis, Wyoming, from 6 to 9 p.m.
    Friday, Sept. 15, and again starting at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 16.
    For details, call Rev. Chuck Cooper at 307-921-9863 or Jim Kirsch

    Transforming Evangelism
    Sept 30, 9:00 to 5:00 at SUNDANCE UMC.
    Registration fee is $15 for each class and includes the class book, coffee and Lunch.
    To register contact Rev. Kathy Makus at (307) 283-1954 or sumchurch@gmail.com.

    Sept. 30, from 9:00 - 4:30. (registration begins at 8:45 am) at GRACE UMC, CHEYENNE.
    Registration fee is $20 includes "Lay Servant Ministry Participant's Book," snacks,
    coffee and Lunch!
    To register contact Wanda Denton at wmdtigger@gmail.com or Grace UMC
    at (307) 634-7472.